Product Details

Advance audio active comparative language lab

  • Model:ATT-480

Product Introduction


While we’re talking about the language laboratory, audio quality is the most important. All ATT models provide real time audio transmit. Audio quality of dialogue could be same as talking face by face, and even much clearer. By interaction with classmates, students are able to raise their interests in learning. The more opinions they share, the more feedback they get.

ATT-480 provides 60 hours recording period. It can help teacher correct students’ pronunciation and save lots of time for teacher in class. What’s more, ATT-480 provides AAC (Audio active comparative) function which help students listen and recording repeatedly to achieve practice purpose.


  • NO PC
  • User friendly interface
  • Best audio quality, even much better than talk face by face
  • Function of Interpreter kiosk, and the classroom can be upgraded to international conference room
  • Best recording audio quality
  • USB stick support
  • 99 audio segments management available
  • Variable speed with constant pitch
  • Modern panel design


  • Intelligent teaching module:

Provide all functions that teacher need- Teaching mode, Self-learning mode, Test mode, and Interpreter kiosk mode.

  • Audio/Video integration module:

Integrate different audio/video devices. Only one click, the teaching content could be delivered to students.

  • Premium teaching module:

All call, intercom, and all the interactions between teacher and students could be found in this system.

  • Group practice module:

Teacher assigned group or student self-group are both available.

  • Paperless exam module:

Student can answer question through numerical key on student box. Teacher can mark the score immediately after the exam finish. Very easy to use.

  • International conference room/kiosk module:

Full function for multi-language conference or training.

  • Recording module:
    Student can record their practice/exam in the ATT-285 up to 60 hours. Teacher are able to collect the recording afterward and it can save much time during class.
  • Full practice module:
AAC, SP, SSP, SPP, and bookmark practice module provide full practice for students.

Master Controller ATT-7224 / ATT-2472 / ATT-7240
Student Box ATT-285
Control Panel ATT Advance
Headset HD-950V
Video integration ATT-1102N