Product Details

CCD Full Automatic Trimming Machine

  • Model:ATP-390T (Trimming)

Product Introduction


Flexible PCB, PI and PET Membranes non-circular and edge connector trimming


  • Large die mold 100 x 100 mm.
  • Large thrust can punch any kinds of non-circular holes, and one process with multiple holes.
  • Different methods of recognition ensures the function work well. (side of edge connector, fake edge connector, L edge, circular target and tooling hole)
  • Hydraulic mold clamping design make exchange quickly and easily.
  • Full automatic trimming process. Loading stack of material, process of trimming, and unloading the workpiece at one step.
  • Tension mechanism to ensure the accuracy and stability.


Process Range X: 170~300mm, Y: 250~500mm 
Process Accuracy ± 0.025 mm, comparing to marked position or mean deviation (test by “COMWEB” standard film)
Load/Unload YES
Mold Size 100 x 100 mm
Illumination White LED transparent light and White LED reflecting light

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