Product Details

CCD Automatic Precision Blanking Machine w/ LUL -M

  • Model:ATC-685+ w/ LUL

Product Introduction


Touch Panel, ITO Film, FPC PI cover layer and film cutting, and Medical use


  • Applicable for 4.3” ~ 11.6” (490 x 290 mm) panel. By using high precision die-cutting mold, the results are within ±0.1 mm.
  • Z-axis camshaft is driven by AC servo motor with maximum force at 15 Tons.
  • Equipped PC-Based controller precisely controls the depth of punching and punching curve. Variable BDC (bottom dead center) effectively improves tool life and quality of punching, and also minimalizes wear and tear of die-mold.
  • Vacuum platform for X-Y moving.
  • By using automatic image recognition (grey scale pattern recognition) and direct molding punching, the process does not require to punch reference (guide) holes. The efficiency has improved more than three times compared to traditional hydraulic presses.
  • Save time, save manpower, save money, and save workspace.
  • Target pattern recognition with variety choices, such as punch reference (guide holes), L corner and so on.
  • Automatic loading and unloading (L/UL) unit with high tensile steel structure provides stability and durability during the process without deformation.
  • L/UL unit: Maximum loading size of material with 500 x 600mm.
  • L/UL: Adjustable multi-position vacuum nozzle.
  • L/UL: cycle-time: 8 sec/pc. Featured 180 degree rotation function is suitable for symmetrical layout of workpiece. (optional)
* Note: L/UL is customized and option


Process Range Max material size X: 500mm Y: 600mm. Minimum width 50mm
Process Accuracy ± 0.1 mm by COMWEB testing board
Process Speed 1.26 second/punch  (by COMWEB testing board)
Mold Size Applicable sizes for 4.3 inches to 11.6 inches panel.
Die-Cutting Mold size XY = 500 × 300mm
Effective area: XY = 490 × 290mm. (subject to the actual material)
Illumination Lighting sources: Co-axial light, Side light, Ring light. (Choose One)

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