About Us


In 1984, COMWEB was established in the Nantun District of Taichung City. Initially a small company with just four members, it started with early microcomputer single-axis controllers and lister shared controllers. Over the span of 40 years, it has grown to encompass four product lines, almost 50 products, and a service system with around 100 people. Centered in Taiwan, the company has set up branches in China and the U.S. to serve global customers, marking its place in the global market under the COMWEB brand.
For 40 years, backed by our professional R&D team, we have been solving problems for our customers. For instance, 40 years ago when broadcast teaching did not yet exist, we observed students struggling to view the teacher's screen, huddled behind the teacher's desk in computer classrooms. This hindered their learning experience. This observation prompted us to think about how we could improve the learning environment for teachers and students. Consequently, we developed the world's first broadcast teaching system and received an award for excellent product design from the foreign trade association. The idea of "how to help customers solve problems they face" continuously revolves in our minds, driving our relentless product development to address customer challenges, providing them with the highest quality MIT products.

Customer Commitment

We are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring that our products, marketing, and after-sales service maintain quality standards. We also hold CE and CB certifications, ensuring that our products meet various safety regulations, preventing any hazards for our customers. Additionally, we are committed to sustainable environmental development, hence our products also comply with the RoHS mark, reflecting our contribution to the environment.
**Industrial Machinery Business Division Overview**
COMWEB's "Industrial Machinery Business Division" develops products with advanced image recognition capabilities, offering high-speed, high-precision intelligent solutions. We provide customers with efficient and high-yield production capabilities. Quality and R&D are our top priorities, and we are ISO 9001 certified. Service points have been set up in Dongguan and Kunshan on the mainland, offering prompt services to our clients.

Main Products

  • Roll to roll guide hole punching machine
  • Automatic trimming machine
  • Automatic Guide hole punching machine
  • Automatic PCB reference hole target drilling machine
  • PCB guide hole drilling machine
  • High punching force (aluminum substrate) guide hole punching machine
  • PCB/fixture drilling machine
  • Multilayer board milling target machine
  • 2D PCB measurement equipmen

Education Business Division Overview

COMWEB's "Education Business Division" focuses on developing hardware and software systems that most benefit teachers' instruction, students' learning, and school administration. Whether it's computer broadcast teaching, digital language teaching systems, software-based language teaching platforms, or wireless conference systems, all aim to enhance teaching quality and efficiency.
After years of dedication, COMWEB has obtained numerous patents. In nearly every part of the world where there's a classroom, one can almost always spot the COMWEB brand, garnering positive feedback from users both domestically and internationally. In the future, we will continue to help teachers tackle challenges, becoming their first choice for problem solving.

Company Exterior

The company is located in the Taichung Industrial Area (Nantun). Its humble exterior conceals profound capabilities.